Aim Higher Project Guidelines

A Strath region Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) initiative

What’s it about?

·         Young people come up with great ideas and we have funding to make it happen! So, have a go and get involved.

·         Come up with a winning idea for an activity for young people from around Strathalbyn. 

·         Pitch your idea. A panel will choose the top 5 ideas to put to a community vote.

·         If your team idea gets voted as one of the top 3, we will provide $2000 to make it happen! 

What do we have to do?

·         Get a group together (who are aged 12-18yrs) and think of an idea for an activity to feel good and enjoy life without using drugs/alcohol.

·         Complete all the questions in the application form. This includes:

-        Who is in your group (registration)

-        Parent/caregiver permission to enter (consent)

-        Details about what the $2000 would be used for (activity and budget)

-        How would we know the activity was a success? (evaluation)

·         Convince the assessment panel members that your idea is worth funding by uploading a ‘pitch’ to market your groups idea. (activity and rationale)

·         The pitch must be in the required format. Choose from: video, audio, PowerPoint or poster/ image.  Make it no longer than 5 minutes long, but with enough detail to convince the panel that it should be funded!  Unfortunately, we can’t accept applications face to face, they must be uploaded in the format outlined.

What kind of ideas?

·         Safe. Legal. Inclusive.  Let your imagination run wild!

·         Held in the community and not restricted to young people from one school/group.

·         Here are a few prompts to get you started (but don’t be limited to these):

-        Music

-        Natural environment

-        Sport

-        Laughter

-        Success

-        Food

-        Exercise

-        Dreams

How will the panel judge the entries?

The panel will involve representation from the LDAT and local youth representation.  They will assess entries on:

·         How many young people will benefit? Value for money.

·         Does your idea have wide appeal?

·         Will it have a big impact? E.g. extent of excitement or calming effect

·         Inclusivity – have you thought about how your idea will be accessed and inclusive of our diverse community?

·         Innovation and creativity of the idea

·         Presentation standard/quality