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Tear-jerking details have emerged about 's private funeral where 80 of his closest friends and family gathered to farewell the cricket legend ahead of his state service next week.  
Emotions ran high on Sunday as mourners congregated at the St Kilda Football Club in Melbourne to remember the Australian icon, who died of a heart attack in  on March 4. 
It was a fitting setting.

As a teenager Warne dreamed of playing in the Australian Football League and earned a spot in the St Kilda under-19s side before being elevated to reserve grade - one tier below the top level.
But in 1988 he was told he wasn't good enough.
The coaches said he was 'too slow, too unfit'. What a blessing that was for Australian cricket.  
If the chubby, blonde-haired kid wasn't cut from that side, the world would have been robbed of one of the greatest sportsmen of all time.  
As the cricket community mourns the legendary leg-spinner's death, details of his intimate funeral service held on Sunday have come to light. 
Close friend Eddie McGuire delivered the eulogy at the funeral and Coldplay singer  performed a musical tribute called 'The Eulogy'. 
Former wife of Australian cricket superstar Shane Warne, Simone Callahan (centre) and fellow mourners toast the hearse carrying Warne on a lap of the ground after a private service at the St Kilda Football Club in Melbourne on March 20, 2022
Emotions ran high as mourners gathered at the St Kilda Football Club in Melbourne on Sunday to pay their respects to Warne, who died of a heart attack in Thailand on March 4
Shane Warne (pictured), who died aged 52 of a heart attack on March 4 in Koh Samui, Thailand, will be farewelled publicly on March 30 at a state funeral
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Mourners also heard Yellow by Coldplay, which was one of Warne's favourite tracks, along with Frank Sinatra's My Way. 
Emotional lyrics from the Coldplay song include 'lights will guide you home' and 'tears stream down your face when you lose something you cannot replace'. 
Two other songs played during the outdoor part of the service were Fix You by Coldplay and finally, as Warne's body was driven away for a final time, Simply The Best by Tina Turner.  
Simply The Best was fitting for the icon of Australian cricket - who was exactly that, the best.   

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Warne's three children, daughters Brooke, 24, and Summer, 21, and son Jackson, 22, filed out after the procession looking grief stricken. Jackson was accompanied by his girlfriend Kiah Broadsmith, 21.  
The hearse drove a final lap of honour around the football oval, with club scarves draped over his coffin. Warne's son Jackson kissed his dad's coffin as close friends of his father watched on from the stands. 
The invitation-only mourners included sporting friends, old school mates, his partners from late night poker games.

They were all given St Kilda scarves as they walked in for the sombre service.  
After completing one lap of the oval, Warne's son Jackson kissed the coffin in a heart wrenching final goodbye to his dad
Former Australian cricketer Merv Hughes (left) attended the invitation-only service while Eddie McGuire (pictured right with his partner) hosted the intimate funeral and delivered the opening tribute
Jackson was seen clenching a cricket ball, a golf club and a brochure as he left the emotional funeral procession
Coldplay singer Chris Martin (pictured) provided a musical piece called The Eulogy which was played at his friend Shane Warne's funeral
McGuire, the former president of the Collingwood Football Club, joked he couldn't be wearing a St Kilda scarf.
'They're one short so I won't be wearing one,' he said. 
He said Warne was loved because he was fallible, but he 'sprinkled gold dust' everywhere he went.
'He di

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Shane Warne's mother Bridgette raises a glass to the guests in the club house following a funeral service in Melbourne
Guests watched on as the procession made its way around the St Kilda oval after the official funeral
Family walked behind the hearse for one slow lap of the oval to three songs in Warne's honour
Bridgette Warne touches her son's coffin for the final time after his lap around the oval
Jackson looked a spitting image of his late father with his long blonde hair and tailored black suit as he clutched a golf club and ushered his sisters into a car ahead of the funeral
There was a sombre mood at Simone Callahan's house early Sunday morning as she and كورة لايف اون لاين her children made final preparations to farewell Warne
Brooke, Jackson and Summer arrive at St Kilda Football Club and are greeted by other mourners
Warne's ex-wife Simone (pictured), left her house only briefly to say goodbye to her children, who departed well before the private service began at 11am.

She slipped into the service via a back door
Sam Newman appears on the verge of tears outside Warne's funeral service on Sunday morning as he is embraced by friends
Warne's Fox Footy colleagues - former cricketer Brendon Julian and co-host Mark Howard - arrive on Sunday morning
Michael Clarke greets Merv Hughes before Warne's funeral service on Sunday morning
Police officers and security guards were stationed around the perimeter of the St Kilda Football Club.
Guests began quietly filing in to the clubhouse at about 10.30am, while Shane's ex-wife Simone Callahan slipped in via a back entrance and greeted immediate family in a separate room. 
McGuire gave a live cross to Channel 9 before heading inside.

He spoke of Warne's jovial and happy-go-lucky nature, noting he was a 'friend of The Footy Show' and loved his life. 
'The reason why he was so loved is because he was fallible, he was Superman. He did the things you dreamt of doing as a kid,' McGuire said in a moving tribute out the front of the service. 

Pictured: Shane Warne's coffin after the funeral.  drove around the St Kilda football club oval before leaving the ground
Former Australian cricket captain and close friend of Warne Michael Clarke arriving for the service 
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